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Legal support of real estate transactions

Understand the complexities of the law is not easy, so it is always better to trust professionals who will provide qualified legal advice, protecting you from the possible risks associated with the acquisition of real estate.

I. Representation of your interests at all stages of negotiations

— development of schemes for the acquisition / sale of real estate and property rights
— evaluation and minimization of possible risks associated with the conclusion of a transaction
— legal analysis of existing documents and assistance in collecting missing documents for the conclusion of transactions
— analysis of project documentation when buying a house under construction
— control of the preparation of contracts necessary for the conclusion of a transaction
— assistance in the state registration of the transfer of rights, lease / lease of real estate
-Control of the calculation scheme
II.Help in the privatization of apartments

— advice and assistance in the collection of documents necessary for the privatization of an apartment
— examination of submitted documents for their compliance with legislative requirements
— formation of a package of documents for privatization and processing of an application in accordance with the regulations
— registration of the arising right
III. Harmonization of re-planning

Development of a sketch or a redevelopment project, obtaining a permit for redevelopment, in short, we are ready to perform a full cycle «from your desire to change the space of the apartment before reconciling the redevelopment in all instances.»
IV. Compilation. Agreements for real estate transactions

— Drawing up of contracts related to the alienation of property: Purchase / sale / exchange / gift
— Drawing up of contracts of rent and hiring of the real estate
— Other types of contracts: loan agreements, etc.

You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena
You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena

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