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Harmonization of re-planning

In an effort to make their apartment as cozy and comfortable as possible, many are rebuilding their living space. However, you should know that the alteration of the alteration is different. For example, in the case of a thorough intervention in the configuration of the apartment provided for in the standard layout, serious problems may arise — from paying a fine to forfeiting the property by a court decision.

For those who have already encountered this problem, it is well known that the most difficult stage in the question of re-planning of apartments and non-residential premises is the coordination of the changes introduced in certain instances. In addition to the need to know exactly where to go and what package of documents to provide, you will have to spend a lot of time, and often nerves.
The best way out is to arrange the redevelopment of living quarters and non-residential premises in accordance with the procedure established by law with the help of specialists.

Reshaping of apartments is a change in the configuration of the living quarters, which entails the need to make changes in the BTI floor plan, this may be: the erection or dismantling of walls and partitions, the construction of new ones or the laying of existing doorways, installation of additional engineering equipment, replacement or transfer of utility networks, Sanitary and technical and other equipment and other changes in the room.
Harmonization of redevelopment

In Moscow, repair of an apartment is allowed only after appropriate receipt of an order for re-planning and reconstruction of a dwelling. The document is issued on the official letterhead by the Housing Inspectorate, which is the basis for the commencement of the repair and redevelopment of the apartment.
Cost of agreement

The cost and timing of the agreement depends on the complexity of the future redevelopment, the series of the house, the number of storeys, the area and even the Moscow district in which the apartment is located. You can calculate the approximate cost of your redevelopment by leaving a request on our website.

IQ Realty provides its Clients with services for coordinating the redevelopment of an apartment or non-residential premises at any stage, beginning with the approval of the project and obtaining the permits, ending with the introduction of changes in the Unified State Register of Enterprises.

We will help you with the questions that arise in solving the most common problems:
— legalizing the redevelopment of the apartment
— matching of an individual input
— Attachment of attics and cellars
— change of destination of permitted use of premises

You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena
You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena

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