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The exchange of apartments for today in 90% of cases is made out by means of transactions of purchase and sale. If you want to exchange an apartment in Moscow or Moscow region, to get a smaller area and an additional payment, or, conversely, to improve housing conditions by increasing the area of the apartment, use the services of IQ Realty.

We have accumulated a lot of experience in conducting such transactions and formed an extensive database of offers for an efficient and profitable exchange of apartments in Moscow. After analyzing the current market situation and taking into account all your wishes, our specialists will prompt you how to correctly exchange your apartment for another living space without risks and on the most attractive terms. Exchange of real estate is the most labor-intensive type of transaction and involves the development of an individual purchase scheme, which is not always possible to do independently without the help of a specialist. In addition, we will be able to offer discounts on mortgage lending from partner banks IQ Realty for the purchase of an apartment with an additional payment. And in case of necessity of carrying out of the transaction urgently — we can redeem or as soon as possible to sell your real estate.

There are several ways to exchange an apartment, each of them has its pros and cons.
I.Direct transaction with the conclusion of the apartment swap agreement

If you want to make an exchange of apartments directly, you can choose the appropriate option and conclude a barter agreement. The apartment exchange contract is the only legal way to exchange a non-privatized apartment. Under this scheme, the exchange of flats takes place without attracting funds.
However, a significant shortcoming of the transaction on the basis of an apartment exchange contract is the difficulty of selecting a good option. It can take up to a year, while someone is interested in an ad with a text like «I’ll exchange an apartment for an equivalent in another area.» In addition, an independent exchange of privatized apartments can be disadvantageous because of a subjective valuation of the value of real estate. Changing apartments, participants in a transaction often do not take into account the value of location and infrastructure, considering only such parameters as the size and number of rooms.
Now, such transactions do not account for more than 1% of all exchanges.
II. Exchange of apartments in Moscow and the Moscow region through a sale and purchase transaction

The exchange of apartments in most cases is carried out through a transaction of purchase and sale. A typical scheme of alternative exchange is this: your buyer is in your apartment, which confirms the seriousness of his intentions. The received money is paid accordingly for the chosen apartment or apartment, on which you want to change your real estate. It is financial guarantees in the form of an advance that allow exchanges consisting of long, and sometimes branched, chains.
However, an alternative deal for the exchange of housing is not just two transactions, buying and selling. Complex and distinguishing it from two simple transactions makes SIMILARITY of sale and purchase. After all, often, even beforehand promontirovatv market offers, by the time as your apartment will be found a buyer, liked the options of the acquired property can already be sold.
Another complication is when an apartment with an alternative is chosen as the purchased apartment. That is, instead of a chain of two apartments will turn out a chain of three or even five apartments! And instead of each apartment sold, the owner as well as you are looking in return for a different one. The probability of successful completion is rapidly decreasing with the appearance of each next link … The question of timing is also important. Most likely they gave an advance on the condition that you leave the deal in a month. The first weeks you ask the price, choose, and only after a while — go to make an advance. And there is only two weeks left. To keep customers and not to panic can not everyone … That is why in such transactions it is highly desirable to help a specialist.

1) Urgent customer search
2) Search for alternatives in all real estate bases
3) Verification and preparation of documents for the transaction
4) Sale and purchase of an apartment in one day

Using the services of the Company, you receive an individual approach to solving your problem, financial benefit today and the removal of possible legal and consumer risks in the future.

You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena
You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena

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