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Investments in real estate

IQ Realty renders services in the selection of investment-attractive assets, such as real estate with the potential for price growth, land plots, commercial real estate.

At the present time — investing in real estate has become quite widespread and popular for our Clients, in view of the fact that many investors, feeling the crisis phenomena in Russia and the world economy, think about the stable investment of their own funds. The investor invests in those objects, which from his point of view should bring him the maximum profit with a small level of risk. And investments in real estate, just fit these criteria.
I. Buying property at an early stage of construction.

This method offers the purchase of residential or commercial property in a residential apartment building during the construction phase with further sale. In this case, you can invest in both the foundation pit and its further stages. Many people mistakenly think that the earlier the construction stage, the higher the subsequent income after putting the facility into operation, but it is worth considering that in Russia the risk of unfinished construction is great, even despite significant amendments to 214 FZ, that is, There is a probability not to get the apartment purchased. Therefore it is very important when choosing an object for an investment to get advice from a professional who knows about possible pitfalls and conscientiousness of the developer. In addition, to date, the purchase of housing under construction with the help of real estate agencies is often more profitable than directly from the developer.
The difference between the amount of initial investment and the amount of sale of finished real estate can reach in some cases up to 60-80%.
II. Buying property in poor condition with further resale after repair.

In apartments there live people of different social strata, it happens that very expensive and attractive apartments are in the possession of people of the lower strata of the population or people facing any financial difficulties, which leads them to the need to sell real estate at a price below the market, but in a short time. At the same time it is obvious that the life of these people was reflected in the apartment as well — tattered and faded walls, old spoiled furniture and so on.
However, such apartments are of particular interest to investors ready to make quality repairs, after which you can sell the apartment at an average market value. And if such a property is in the center, then it is higher than the average price for the market. After making repairs, and bringing the apartment in the «right» form — you can also rent it monthly or in a day, getting a stable income.
III.Investitsii in the purchase of an apartment and renting it on a monthly basis

The most popular way to date, earnings on real estate. Most people, after hearing the question «how to make money on real estate» immediately answer — rent it on a monthly basis. At the same time, demand for rental of real estate does not cease to fall, offers from potential tenants are quite a lot — you only need to choose those who will offer the most favorable conditions for you and match your ideas about a worthy tenant.
In addition, you can rent an apartment for rent. The best contingent in this case is traveling people and travelers. At the same time, employees of large companies who have arrived on a business trip are often populated not for one day, but for a week or two, which is most beneficial for both sides. If you choose the right location of the property you are buying, the income from a short-term apartment rent can be significantly higher than from a long-term lease.
IV.Investments in the purchase of commercial and non-residential premises and their leasing

Commercial real estate is represented by a variety of objects — these are warehouses; industrial premises; Non-residential premises on the first floor of a residential building, which can be profitably rented to a beauty salon or a retail chain; The area in shopping centers; Utility rooms; Socles and others. Investments in such real estate are very profitable, because there is always a high demand for its lease. Small business is the basis of the economy of our country, and a large number of entrepreneurs regularly look for places with a high level of patency, or a room cheaper than rented today or simply because of the opening of new points.
V.Investments in land purchase with subsequent sale or construction of an object on it

One of the rather simple methods of earning a property is buying a plot of land. You can buy land in a falling real estate market, hold it for a while, without putting any effort into its content, and then, after rising prices, it is profitable to sell. You can build a house, a cottage or a town house on a purchased plot and in the future either sell the finished living quarters or rent it out. In addition, a special interest for investors is caused by large tracts of land, which can later be sold more profitable, by making land surveying and division into more standard plots or by constructing a new cottage community.

You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena
You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena

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