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Assistance in obtaining a mortgage

The experience and reputation of the specialists of IQ Realty allows us to make our participation in the mortgage transaction useful and profitable for both buyers.

If you want to get a mortgage, you probably will face several difficulties. First of all, not all sellers want to participate in a mortgage deal, often simply not understanding how they pass, and also having a stereotype in their heads about the fact that deals in which the buyer pays their money are much easier and faster. And banks, in turn, delay the process of checking the package of documents, turning the deal into a chain of bureaucratic events.

Sometimes, even if the seller is willing to wait, there are unpleasant surprises, for example he or his representative can during this time find a new buyer whose opportunities do not depend on the approval of the bank. Or — in the worst case — a buyer who has spent a lot of time and energy on the deal — is denied a loan because of uncertainty about his solvency.

Having a proven technology for conducting mortgage deals, we can really evaluate the Client’s capabilities at the first stages of the transaction and carefully check the legal aspects of the transaction, preparing a full package of documents and certificates, freeing the bank from the need to spend extra time on inspections and relieving the bank of a significant part of the work and related With it material costs. The applications of our Clients are considered as a priority, and the Client comes to the loan with a full package of documents.

IQ Realty clients receive mortgage loans faster and easier, and in a number of banks and insurance companies they can get preferences to reduce the interest rate or costs associated with the transaction.
We provide real information about the timing and process of the transaction to the Sellers, so they are less likely to give up mortgage buyers. The work of our specialists reduces the time of preparation and conduct of the transaction several times.

You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena
You will be answered by one of the specialists, for example, Elena

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